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2016 Red Dress Run Info

Hey you wanks!

The First Urbana Champaign Hash House Harriers are throwing our first an’al Red Dress Run/Barn Dance/Campout! In honor of the Lady in Red, all proceeds will benefit Girls on the Run, a 503(c) organization with over 200 councils in 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The 10-12 week after-school program curriculum encourages girls from 3rd to 5th grade to build self-confidence and develop positive relationships. A 10 week curriculum for girls from 6th to 8th grade also teaches team and relationship skills, and addresses more mature topics such body image, bullying, and drug abuse. Built into this education is a physical activity program that teaches girls skills for a lifetime of health and an appreciation for physical fitness. The program culminates with a 5K event where girls experience tangible achievements and how anything is possible with hard work. I.e. this program breeds future strong-willed, badass harriettes!

The Basic Rubdown:

Friday (9/16) will be a standard pub crawl traversing several of downtown Champaign's finest establishments.  You’re on your own for lodging Friday, but contact MisManagement for potential crash space. Saturday (9/17) is the main event and barn campout. We’ll get set up at the barn then run trail. Then we’ll gather back at the barn, stuff our fat faces with food and beer, have a massive drunken Circle, and party the night away. There is plenty of space around the barn to set up tents, but there is also a nearby hotel/motel for all the prudes. Sunday (9/18) we’ll have a hangover breakfast and r*n a half-assed hangover trail. So bust out your butt plugs and red dresses and get ready for a sweaty, filthy, charitable romp through Illinois’ corniest city with the FUCH3rs!

Venue: Farm Lake

2502 N Cunningham Ave, Urbana, IL 61802

In the true spirit of rural Illinois, we’ve rented a barn to accommodate all our shenanigans. It is complete with an indoor party area, a covered outdoor area, a bonfire, a large open grassy space for tents, and plenty of nearby parking. There is also a hotel about a mile away for all the prudes who don’t want to camp. Camping is free, but it is BYO tent/camping gear. Dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday will be provided, along with all the beer you can drink. We will have porta-potties for poopin’ and a water truck for drinking and washing up.

Timeline - All Central Daylight Time (mind the gap, Indiana) and subject to changes because we’re hashers

Friday 9/16 - Barcrawl
Pub crawl starting at the Blind Pig *Brewery* (not Company) at 7:00. Find your own lodging for afterward (contact MM for potential crash space).

Full Schedule:
7:00-8:30 Blind Pig *Brewery*
8:30-9:30 Barrelhouse 34
9:30-10:30 Blind Pig *Company*
10:30-12:00 Esquire (food available)
12:00 Quality Bar

Saturday 9/17 – Red Dress Run
1:30 PM – arrive at Farm Lake and get situated
3:00 PM – Chalk Talk
3:30 PM – Trail, complete with Turkey, Eagle, and Ball-Buster options
7:00 PM – Dinner
8:00 PM – Circle then party till you pass out

Sunday 9/18 – Hangover
10:00 AM – Hangover breakfast/brunch/beer
11:30 AM – Hangover trail
3:00 PM – Checkout time (“get yer shit and go”)

6/17-6/24 - $40
6/25-7/16 - $45
7/18-8/17 - $50
8/18-9/16 - $55
POS Walk-Ups - $60

1. Camping at Farm Lake (free with rego)
2. Eastland Suits: 1907 N Cunningham Ave, Urbana, IL 61802 (about 3/4 miles down the road)
3. Motel 6:  1906 N Cunningham Ave, Urbana, IL 61802 (Cheaper, across from Eastland Suites)

The first 50 regos (as if we'll get that many) will receive a FUCH3 RDR patch.  The distributor for our other swag sold out and cancelled our order.  So sorry, just the patch this year :(