Mismanagement Team

These are the people to blame for this kennel. If you have questions they are the ones to ask. Look for any of them at a Hash!

Grand Master (GM)
– Lone Wanker
Like a lazy, unqualified child who inherited the company and gets to call himself the “boss” but doesn’t really do anything, the GM manages the kennel from his high-horse and pretends that he matters (and picks up the slack from the other MisManagers while keeping the kennel from spiraling to its death).
Religious Advisor (RA) – Lone Wanker and Dick Jacker
Runs Chalk Talk and Circle. Handles introductions, down-down instructions, etc. Leads the group in song and upholds hash traditions.
Hash Cash
– Khal Drunko the Turd
Like a Hash treasurer. Collects Hash Cash, keeps tabs on attendance, manages our tiny hash fund, and embezzles money.
Beer Meister
– Poonshine in Paradise
Responsible for obtaining beverages/food/ice for each hash, getting loaded coolers to the hare(s) before each hash, and storing coolers and leftovers between hashes.
Hare Raiser
– Brazilian Whacks Off
Ensures that every planned hash has one or more hares by actively annoying hashers until they commit to doing it. Creates and updates events on our various websites.
Web Meister
– Kockasucki
Manages the website, as well as social media groups (Facebook, Meetup, etc.), and updates them periodically and subject to MisManagement requests.
Hash Flash/Hash Trash
– GeoloJew and Eyes Wide Shart
Takes pictures at every hash, posts them to our social media sites, and writes a little summary about what happened. Summaries include: interesting things that happened on trail, namings, embarrassing/stupid moments, birthdays, etc.
– Full Metal Jack It
Designs, creates, obtains, and distributes/sells, FUCH3 hash swag, such as patches, t-shirts, business cards, etc.
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RoleMember Name
RoleMember Name
Hare Raiser Brazillian Whacksoff 
Haberdasher Full Metal Jack It 
Hash Flash GeoloJew and Eyes Wide Shart 
Hash Cash Khal Drunko the Turd 
Web Meister Kockasucki 
Grand Master Lone Wanker 
Religious Advisor Lone Wanker and Dick Jacker 
Beer Meister Poonshine in Paradise 
Showing 8 items