Hare Signup

HEY, ya you. The one sitting here, reading this. You wanna volunteer. Step up, and do your duty. Volunteer to Hare a Hash Today!!!

Fill out the form below to volunteer. We appreciate you doing this, and we will be reaching out to you to pound out more details. You will be working directly with our Hare Raiser.
Be sure to check out the hare guidelines below (also available here www.uch3.com/Resources).

Hare Volunteer Form

FUCH3 Hare Guidelines


  1. Contact Hare Raiser and sign up to hare at least 1 week in advance.
  2. To be done at least 3 days before the hash:
    • Specify location and other details (what, when, trail type/distance, etc.)
    • Contact Beer Meister and arrange to pick up stocked coolers prior to the hash
    • Locate flour bags if needed and arrange to pick them up
  3. Make sure bars are open at the time of the hash (especially the starting bar).
  4. Hares are responsible for transporting coolers, not the Beer Meister.
  5. Stash trash bags in coolers for cleanup.
  6. Clean and dry the coolers before returning them to the Beer Meister. At very least drain the water (turn them upside-down), throw out the empties, and store them open so they don’t get moldy.
  7. Hares are responsible for obtaining flour and chalk for trail and ice for the coolers.
  8. Keep receipts for any hash-related expenses and give them to the Hash Cash.
  9. Let Hash Cash/MisManagement know beforehand how much extra cash to bring for reimbursements and if any beer stops will be at bars.
  10. Look over our trail mark guide:  http://www.meetup.com/UC-HHH/pages/UCH3_Trail_Marks/

Some of the following are guidelines rather than rules.  We’re always open to new ideas; just check with MisManagement first (if you want to lay a longer trail, implement a new mark, do a different kind of trail, etc.).

Laying Trail:

  • Virgin hares must always run with an experienced hare.
  • Trails should generally be 3-6 miles.
  • There should be at least 2 marks per city block on True Trail.
  • Design your trail such that walkers and runners get to the beer stops at the same time.  More circular trails lend themselves well to turkey trails, whereas out-and-back type trails will have to use check backs, YBFs, and other fuckery to keep everyone together.
  • Avoid long straightaways (more than 3-4 blocks).
  • Make your checks/marks large and visible.
  • Do not lay trail with blue or purple chalk – give it to the hounds to mark checks.
  • Do not lay trail through private property (e.g. the yards of potential dog/gun owners).
  • Scout out your area before you lay trail.
  • Always lay trail on sidewalks when possible (not in the street).
  • 90° turns (or switching sides of the street) needs an arrow, leading marks, or a check.
  • We have a lot of different hash marks; do not use them all on one trail. Keep it simple.
  • Avoid excessive use of the “just for fun” marks (naughty checks, dance lines, etc.)
  • A-A and A-A’ trails are always preferable. If your trail is A-B, try to put B near a bus line.

Beer/Shot Stops, Drop Bags, and Circle

  • In genital, there should be a beer/shot stop or drop bag about every 2-ish miles.
  • Beer stops should last no more than 20 minutes to keep the hash moving.  When the pack arrives, you have 10 minutes to leave.
  • Make sure beer stop and Circle locations won’t draw attention from police/security.
  • Always try to use hash beer – use bar stops sparingly.
  • Try to have Circle outdoors in a secluded area close to on-after (less than a mile away).
  • But if it’s super cold/windy/shitty, use bars/indoor stops.
  • If Circle is at a bar, make sure it’s a bar where we have plenty of room and can get away with singing loud, vulgar songs as a group (good - Murphy’s; bad - Houlihan’s).