2017 Red Dress Run

Hey you wanks!

The First Urbana-Champaign Hash House Harriers are throwing our second an’al Red Dress Run on 9/23/17!  It also happens to be our Turd Analversary!

What's a Red Dress Run?
All of us - men, women, big, small, etc. - run the hash in a red dress, in honor of the first female hasher, who, you guessed it, ran in a red dress.  So h*ad on over to Goodwill or some thrift store (Amazon also has a good selection), and grab the sleaziest or most extravagant red dress you can find.  And yes, you must don a red dress (or something that looks like one), or you will be mercilessly shamed by the proud crimson elite!

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Who's Cumming?

In honor of the Lady in Red, all proceeds will benefit the Champaign County Girls on the Run, a 503(c) organization with over 200 councils in 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The 10-12 week after-school program curriculum encourages girls from 3rd to 5th grade to build self-confidence and develop positive relationships. A 10 week curriculum for girls from 6th to 8th grade also teaches team and relationship skills, and addresses more mature topics such body image, bullying, and drug abuse. Built into this education is a physical activity program that teaches girls skills for a lifetime of health and an appreciation for physical fitness. The program culminates with a 5K event where girls experience tangible achievements and how anything is possible with hard work.

In addition to any registration proceeds going to Girls on the Run, if you would like to make a separate donation, the best way to do so would be to send an additional payment of your choosing as outlined in the Pricing section below.  Rest assured, while all proceeds are going to GOTR, any additional money given (i.e. paying more than the requested rego price or an entirely separate donation) will be held aside and 100% will go to GOTR.

The Basic Rubdown:

Friday (9/22) will be a standard pub crawl (and potentially a trail) traversing several of downtown Champaign's finest establishments. Saturday (9/23) is the main event/Red Dress Run starting and ending at the historic Murphy's Pub. Sunday (9/24) we’ll have a hangover breakfast and "run" a half-assed hangover trail.
We're renting out half the bar for our own private shenanigans.  We'll meet up for a bit, run trail, come back to the bar, and party the night away.  Rego gets you free beer (and non-beer) and a full meal - choice of grilled chicken sandwich, cheeseburger, or chipotle black bean burger and a side (fries, coleslaw, cottage cheese, onion rings, or side salad).  I'm sure we'll throw down for several giant piles of their famous Irish nachos as well.  Also included is a painfully long, throbbing Circle.

All times CDT (mind the gap, Indiana) and subject to changes because we’re hashers.

Friday 9/22 - Barcrawl (pay your way)
7:00 - 8:30 The Blind Pig Brewery (meet on Patio out back)
8:30 - 9:30 The Brass Rail
9:30 - 11:00 Esquire Lounge *food available here*
11:00 - 12:00 Memphis on Main
12:00 - 1:00 Barrelhouse 34
1:00 - 2:00 Quality Beer
2:00 Bars close, do whatever you want

Saturday 9/23 – Red Dress Run
1:30 - Event begins
2:30 - Chalk Talk
3:00 - On-Out
7:00ish - Food!
8:00ish - Circle!

Sunday 9/24 – Hangover
Location: Casa de CheESM and Dick Jackers (310 W Illinois St., Urbana)
11:00am - Meet up for half-assed breakfast, mimosas, and bloodies.
noon-ish - Chalk Talk
12:30ish - On-Out

(Add $7 if attending the Sunday event)
July 23 - July 31:  $35 ($42)
Aug. 1 - Aug. 31:  $45 ($52)
Sept. 1 - Sept. 18:  $50 ($57) with t-shirt!
>Sept. 19 - Sept. 22:  $50 ($57) no shirt
Sept. 23:  $55 ($62)

Prices are for time of payment, not time of registration (so don't fill out the form and pay a month later).
To save on fees, please send a PayPal payment via the "friends and family" option (no fee) to:
lone.wanker.uch3@gmail.com or go to https://www.paypal.me/UCH3 **UNTICK THE PAYING FOR GOODS OR SERVICES BOX**

You will be reminded of payment details again after registering.  Note, you must fill out the registration form and separately send a payment to fully register.

Also, please consider making an additional donation to further benefit GOTR.

What You Get For Your Cash Moneys:
  • RDR patch
  • RDR shirt
  • FUCH3 drinking vessel
  • Beer
  • Other non-beer booze
  • Choice of Turkey, Eagle, and (potentially) Ball-Buster trails
  • Beer
  • Food
  • Circle
  • A private party area in Murphy's
  • Beer
  • A donation to charity
  • Hangover beer
  • Hangover food
  • Hangover trail
  • A boot in the ass
Shirts will feature cute kitties (a la FUCH3) in red dresses doing a keg stand with some FUCH3 RDR text.  Only those who register and pay by 9/18/17 will receive a t-shirt!
NOTE:  The newly added shirts are being donated at no additional cost and will not take away from our charitable donation.
Everyone will receive the drinking vessel and the first 50 (wishful thinking) will receive patches, regardless of registration time.

Hash Hotel:  Hawthorn Suites, 101 Trade Center Dr, Champaign, IL 61820
We have a block of rooms reserved for Friday and Saturday.
Bonus: they have a pool/hot tub for us to get kicked out of.
Rate: $119.99/night
To book a room in our block at our rate, you must call 217-398-3400.  Mention Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run; they'll figure it out.
Our block will only be held until August 25th.  After that, you can still get our rate until the block fills up; then you're on your own.

Transportation options:
  • An Uber will get you to/from Murphy's for ~$7-8
  • Take the yellow bus line.  Look up route/schedule info on Google Maps or www.cumtd.com (pronounced "cum titty").  Bus fair is $1.
  • Run/walk; it's less than 2 miles.
Crash Space: If you want to save some money, we will also try to offer crash space to as many people as we can.  Please indicate on the registration page if you are interested in crash space.  No promises, though.

NOTE: Champaign-Urbana is hosting the Pygmalion Music Festival the same weekend, and many hotels are already booked.  This has resulted in higher prices and the hash hotel being a little further away (luckily, we have excellent bus and Uber/Lyft service here).